Well Family Counseling

David Floge, MA, LPCA

David is a Christian who as a counselor started his work in 1999 as a school counselor in a private hospital day school for children with severe behavior problems. From there he moved into an adoption social work position working with foster and adoptive families. For the majority of the past fourteen years, David has worked with children, families, and couples. For eleven of those years, David and his family lived in Asia as Missionaries where he worked at a Christian counseling center with a diverse group of clients from many countries and cultures. His focus population is children ages 4-18 and their family. David often uses various forms of play or expressive therapies so that people have a way to express their experiences with more than just words. Along with his Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, he completed a Certificate in Play Therapy in 2016 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Whether it is children or adults, David believes that people are part of a structural system (family, church, community) that influences and often shapes who they are. As people share their story David uses reflective questioning and at times reframing (trying to look at things from a different perspective) or challenging cognitions to help people see outside of their own perspective. He has years of experience working with people facing major adjustments and transitions, grief and loss issues, behavioral issues, and parenting struggles.

David has been married for 21 years and has 3 teenage children. He knows the challenges of seeking out counseling and being a counselee. He has regularly sat in the other chair (non-counselor chair). In the counseling room, he realizes it is often challenging to take the first step in seeking help in whatever situation people find themself. Most people wait to seek out counseling until things are going badly and there is no other option. However—realize there is always hope, and don’t give up—the journey may be long and challenging but it will be worth it in the end!

Considering Counseling?

Whether coming as an individual, couple or a family, counseling costs financially, can be a lot of work, and takes time. So people need to thoughtfully consider if they are ready for that commitment.

A Note About Children

If a child is brought for counseling remember; when working with children, whether 4 years old or 18–or anywhere in between, it takes time to form a therapeutic relationship. David’s general practice is to seek a commitment from a family of multiple sessions before any evaluation is made. It can at times be difficult to see progress made with children and patience is needed. Kids need time to form a relationship; especially since typically they have not asked to come to counseling and don’t want to be there. David will keep a parent or guardian updated on progress and relevant issues related to the child, and will periodically meet with them.

Get Help

Well Family Counseling is not a ministry of West Cabarrus Church but is an incredible resource that we are happy to recommend. If you have any questions, fill out the form below or call 704 310 7842.

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